Ian got his white coat!

Dr. Laster was honored to be asked to bestow Ian's white coat on him this past weekend.

Salt and Charcoal toothpaste???

The moment of truth and adventure!

We got a wonderful gift from one of our patients who recently returned from Thailand. It's a toothpaste made with Salt and Charcoal. None of us had ever heard of this being a real thing in the modern world, so we just had to give it a try.

Zion Lutheran Pre-school Day

Megan making a take-home to remember the day with.

Our annual pre-school fun day

Keep the learning coming

Our last class in advanced esthetics with Cerec

Tommy is moving up!

Tommy with doctor

Dr. Laster had the honor of bestowing a white coat on Tommy before he sees his first live patient in dental school.

Cold Sore Resolution!

cold sore

We successfully treat cold sores. For newly formed cold sores, our patients can choose immediate resolution using chemical treatment or same-day resolution using painless laser treatment. It's a joy to finally be able to stop these annoying blemishes in their tracks!

Laser Dentistry

Laser dental tool

Modern diode lasers now allow dentists to perform surgeries with no bleeding and no stitches, heal cold sores, desensitize teeth, and kill bacteria without antibiotics. The technology to do more with fewer chemicals has arrived and we have embraced it!

No more discomfort getting numb

ph balance range

Much of the discomfort of getting numb is from the acidic nature of the anesthetic. In response to this, every dose of anesthetic we give is pH-balanced to match your body before it’s administered, giving you a gentler experience.

Having Dentures Doesn't Have to be a Pain

dentist working on dentures

We offer complete and partial dentures for those in need; as well as easy to understand denture planning and maintenance to help you look your best. In today's world, there should be nothing that keeps you from having a smile you can be proud of.

Adventures In Oregon!

Corvallis Community Band logo

We are so proud to be sponsoring this year's Children’s 4th Grade Concert! The "Adventures in Oregon" concert will be held on Tuesday November 10th at 1pm at the LaSells Stewart Center. Every year, the Corvallis Community Band and the Willamette Apprentice Ballet collaborate to present a program geared specifically toward fourth graders from the Corvallis and surrounding school districts.

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