Dry Mouth Owes

| Having an overly dry mouth is never fun for anybody. It can make it difficult to do the most mundane things, like swallowing or talking, but did you know that it can cause real problems with your mouth and teeth?

Dry mouth can give way to gingivitis, tooth decay, mouth infections, and enamel erosion.

But there are ways to help:

Sucking on sugar free candy or chewing sugar free gum can stimulate saliva flow Drinking plenty of water will hydrate your mouth and your body Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and using a fluoride rinse will reduce the harmful effects of the bacteria that thrive in dry mouths
Consciously breathing through your nose will reduce evaporation of the saliva in your mouth

Many people have also found relief in saliva substitutes like MI Paste Plus and Biotene rinses and sprays.

Having a dry mouth can be a pain but help is available.

~Dr. Laster and The Team